University Hill Preschool



Communications Policy

In an effort to ensure that both parents and teachers feel they have a clear protocol to follow, if a disagreement should arise, we have prepared a simple policy to be followed. Usually, a direct, non-judgemental approach will resolve concerns. Parents are always welcome to speak to the teachers after class if there is a concern. If there is not enough time to address with the concern a meeting can be scheduled at a time convenient for both parties.

Guidance and Discipline Policy

The Guidance/Discipline Policy is used as a guideline when dealing with children who hurt other people or themselves; who are physically or verbally disruptive to the point that other children can no longer enjoy their time in the classroom; who destroy or harm the classroom or environment around them.

Guidelines and Policy for Interacting with Students

University Hill Preschool is committed to creating a safe and respectful learning and play environment for our students. The purpose of these guidelines is to clarify and affirm the expectations of all adults in interacting with children at University Hill Preschool. When you see the word "adult" it refers to any person working, any parent of a current student, volunteers, or anyone otherwise interacting with students on school grounds or during field trips.